C R E A T E . D I V I D E . C O N S U M E .

by Don't Worry I'm A Doctor

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released July 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Don't Worry I'm A Doctor Minneapolis, Minnesota

Twin Cities Deathcore.

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Track Name: YMWATF,HY?
Listen closely to my voice
We made a promise of a burning choice
To lay a burden upon your soul
Of perdition behold unknown
I desire more
Track Name: Bleed the weak, Bury the damned
This world has always been doomed
from the beginning
Although I had never thought it cease from existing
Maybe we can take a stand

So let me bring things up to speed

Rumors of a new breed

But listen close to what you hear
Blood and hate are born from that same fear
and ignorance will get you next
So listen closely and expect

I can see it in their eyes
Over powering in size
We will run for our lives
Run for your life

They’re getting close, getting close, oh my god
Can we defeat this reign
getting close getting close, oh my god
I can feel it in my veins

Something is definitely changing inside my head, the loss of blood
is simply irresistible

Yeah I can see it in their eyes
Weak and poisoned by surprise
They will beg us for their lives
Thus be buried alive

When night falls we'll gather round
I'll lead you to dawn with this crown
take back what's ours, unbound
Leave nothing but a burial ground
Bleed the weak, bury the damned

This world has always been doomed from the beginning
Though i never thought it cease from existing
Maybe we can take a stand...
Track Name: Devil's Snare
This world has a choice
Between lions and a ghost
Become what you are
Become something more

If I only could declare how truly unaware
You make this harder to bear
Silent and bested despair

I promise I'm certain I swear
I won’t be this, I will resist

Take this in and thicken your skin
I can only believe whats becoming of me

I'm afraid, I'm afraid we're in this
From the end to the beginning

Oh, nothing is letting me go
I'll rise above the below
I will be known of being more

Put my demons at rest and I’ll link to the past
If I'm only a man then I accept your test

I won't be alone if I can't be my own

Conflicted, corrupted, and killed
Suspended, sustaining my will
Never brought down, I will leave
Never betrayed, I believe
Track Name: Aggression
Hand over fist, I will bring you to your knees
Talk shit, beg or plea
Consequence you can't comprehend

If you haven't realized the demise, the deceit
I will defeat everything that you are by the skin of my teeth
And the rasp of the gasps between breaths you amass pleading, please
I won't ask but explain in the time that will pass, I could
Ruin you at last if I chose to refrain on destroying your
Name you won't fully understand the blood on my hands

You think you’re better then me
I think you better back down

Take one last deep breath
And make my fucking day

Move fast, and cover your tracks
When I say the words, you just light the match


If I can have anything to call my home
I choose everything that I know

I'll take the world
Fuck it all

Consequence that you cannot comprehend

Nevertheless, I am free at last
Track Name: Queen Anne's Revenge
Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen
The Marrion sea has risen
For blood or rum
For blood or rum

As we set sail, I hear her call
thirsting for blood and alcohol
Where they have failed
We must prevail

As the sun began to set
She came into our sights
The wretched overhaul of dead lights

No pray, no pay

Captain let us free by laws of man, ship, and sea
I will grant what you wish if you wish to bury
That fucking ship, every man until they’re weary
All shall fear me

Oh, and we'll take on the ship tonight
And by morning’s first light
no one will be left alive

As a promise to the dead, our trophy will be your head
And a legend told among men over and over again
Track Name: Local Anesthetic
I’ve got a line for every painted picture on your face
Never once had to adjust to anything you'd say
And it will all come my way
I only have myself to blame

Because it’s just a game
Thinking of more words to play
Yeah it’s just a game
And you will never be the same

Picture this
Your lack of whits almost fits
Your my accomplice in this,
becoming colossus

And I
Will take the life of every bitch in my life
With a knife

You never made it very clear
And I never really wanted more
Just to understand
How you could be such a whore

now I'm just an addict
Searching for my next habit

Guess I'm the guy your friends told you about
guess I'm an asshole, you figured me out

I'll just feed you some lines
Look in my eyes
Open wide
I'm alive
Track Name: Burn the Bridges, Corrupt the Cure
Are we really to believe
That they will not take everything
Are we really to believe
we are safe from this
Take what's yours
Take back what's mine
I left my memories back

Now you say that we can move on
Rebuild strong rebuild live long

Upon the horizon
Beyond the trees
They are the coming
They are the disease

As we begin to build anew
They’re always burning inside of you

Upon the horizon
Beyond the trees
They are the coming
They are disease

I don't want to live in the shadow of their mind
I won't sleep until none have survived
We gather once more to put an end to the terror
The fear of death makes them inferior

The same
Fear that is in
My veins
Will recreate
A new race

I don't see
That will be
That will bring
More belief
In my need
To unleash

Soon we will control the land
We made evolve with our own hands
Soon we will control, replace,
The history of the human race
Track Name: Rules of Survival
I will fucking bury you within the sands of time
Resurrect your worthless soul and bury you alive

Warmth in my blood
And fear in my bones

I am the King of the Nile

I will be the earth, living with this curse

Let down your swords and face the masses
Scores of hoards could not surpass us

My brothers they are damned, all weak, all prey
Take their lives, spare your own, we are the kings

With vicious tongues on our side
They can only abide
From earth to the sky
Monthu arise

Pure blood in every man, pure fucking reign

My bones fear not the break
The grind, the teeth, or beak
Only the feeling of defeat

Though we are safe for now
Our time is running out
I speak of truth but I must doubt
That I am god of anyone
Track Name: Azoth Arise
Listen close, we're at the bitter end again
But this time, I swear, this time I won't give in
I will break this curse, obliterate this myth
And I will show you just who you’re fucking with

Rising as a ghost